25th October – 1st November 2020

Reflection for the Week -­‐October 25th–November 1st

What is God like? Many of us have views of God that have been conditioned by cultural and social history. As we age, our view of God perhaps changes. Being fond of art, my own mind is conditioned with a lot of images from religious paintings. Some religions strictly forbid any representation of the divine and consider any attempt to do so as a form of idolatry. However, as Jesus was both God and man, there are many paintings that represent Jesus in scenes from the Gospels.

If you were asked for your view on what God is like, how would you respond?

Do you think of God as He or She or gender neutral?

Does God represent love to you or inspire awe or even fear?

A few years ago I held a course called Faith Rediscovered for a group of older people who wanted to think more deeply about what they believed.

Session Two asked ‘What is God like?’ and gave some suggestions for how people might relate to God. I am listing them below.Who does God represent to you?

  • A kindly old gentleman –gentle, kind and patient.
  • Santa Claus –provides what I want.
  • Someone ‘out there’ somewhere –beyond our knowing.
  • Someone in charge of the world but not doing much about the state it is in.
  • Someone who expects us to keep too many rules.
  • Someone who wants to stop the fun.
  • Someone who gets angry when I mess up.
  • Someone who is there when I call.
  • Someone who is there to put me back together if I fall to pieces.
  • How do we know what God is like? LOOK AT JESUS: ‘Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father’, (John 14:9)

(From: Faith Rediscovered:CPO –www.cpo.org.uk)

To Reflect: Look at he list above and reflect upon your own image of God. Do any of the images above resonate with how you see God?

Why do you think that is?

And, do you think the statements are true or false, and why?

Next week we will ask what ideas come to mind at the mention of ‘Jesus’.

Resources for the week:

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