1st – 8th November 2020

Reflection for the Week – November 1st –November 8th

What can we learn from the Gospels about Jesus?

Last week the reflection asked ‘What is God like? ’If we want to know what God is like we need to study Jesus, who came to show us what God is like. So, what is Jesus like?

  • Jesus loved the unlovely; prostitutes, lepers and criminals (Luke 7:36‐50; Mark 1:40-42; Luke 23: 39‐43).
  • Jesus loved the marginalised; women, children and tax‐collectors (Mark 5:25‐34; Mark 10:13-16; Luke 19: 1-10).
  • Jesus had compassion for people with material needs and provided for them. He helped the spiritually lost to find their way to God (mark 6: 32‐44).
  • Jesus had power over nature (Luke 8: 22-25), over illness and disease (Mark 1: 29-34), and even over death (John 11: 1‐44).
  • Jesus had no time for injustice. He drove out the traders from the Temple Courts (Mark 11: 15-‐17).
  • Jesus disliked hypocrisy. He pointed out that some Jewish leaders were not practising what they preached (Luke 11: 37‐54).
  • Jesus wanted people to know that God loved them. Because God loves us He offers forgiveness when we wander away from Him. Jesus told a story known as The Lost Son to explain that God is always ready to forgive and that he wants to have a parent/child relationship with us. (Luke 15: 1-32).

Jesus reveals the character of God to us.

To reflect: If you could write a letter to Jesus, what would you really like to say to him?

(From Faith Rediscovered: CPO –www.cpo.org.uk)

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