Resources for Commitment Sunday (19th Sep.)

Links and resources to download for our Sunday services

Services this week:

9.00am Meditation group 9.00am (meditation), 9.30am (Conversation)
Take time to pray and reflect, using a recorded meditation on a Gospel story from TakeTime. Our current pattern is to meditate separately in our homes from about 9am and then to get together about 9:30am via Zoom. You can choose a meditation from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, and of course you can use (or reuse!) the meditation during the week as well.

10.00am Commitment Sunday – Third Sunday Service In Church and On Zoom
An informal service which looks at what people do and where they fit in the life of the church. How might you commit to the Body of Christ here in St. Mary and St. Michael’s, Trumpington?

1.00pm Baptism In Church

6.30pm Evening Prayer In Church (Not on Zoom)

Links for this week:

Resources for this week:

Commitment Sunday

Watch videos from commitment Sunday on subjects from Volunteering and children’s groups to organisation and safeguarding: