Funerals and Burials


To arrange a funeral, please contact vicar(at)

If you prefer, in the first instance you can make contact through your funeral director.

Burials can be arranged as part of a funeral service in church or independently. All residents of Trumpington are eligible to be buried in the churchyard, as are church members. Because of the pressure on the space, we cannot accommodate requests from outside the parish. Occasionally we are asked to conduct funeral services in church for people with no local or church connection on the assumption that a burial in the churchyard will follow. Even in this case, we have to ask for proof of former residence.

If you have an existing plot in the churchyard where a family member is buried, we can often (subject to investigation) accommodate the burial of ashes in that plot.

Please note that there are rules governing the maintenance and appearance of churchyards. Live cut flowers are welcomed on the headstone plinth or small potted plants. It is a joy to see them in the Spring.

However, there are aesthetic restrictions on other aspects of the churchyard. We are not allowed to place headstones with a highly reflective surface, and we are only permitted to use certain types of stone. The sizes of stones are also subject to legal restrictions as are the inscriptions. Local stonemasons abide by the rules of the diocese and are required to seek the permission of the Vicar before stones can be placed. Please contact the Vicar for more advice.

Decorating graves is discouraged, and no planting is allowed except for buried bulbs. This may sound draconian but we are tasked with managing a quiet, dignified and uniform space on behalf of the whole community. If the rules sound too restrictive, the City of Cambridge crematorium can offer a greater range of options. We are aware that the diocesan regulations can upset some families so we ask you to take them into account before choosing a burial in the churchyard.

Please see the Churchyard Regulations booklet below for a more comprehensive explanation.

The Churchyard Regulations ​​​​​​
(The Churchyard Regulations: A Guide for Families and Next-of-Kin, Diocese of Ely)