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Trinity Sunday Talk

I wish to share with you some of the insights I have gained during my time in my role as Church and Community Families Outreach Worker. It is fitting for me to speak on this, Trinity Sunday, as we reflect on the nature of a Triune God, one God made up of three parts, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A Trinity that is relationship, that speaks of community.

At the heart of my ministry lies relationship, relationship with others, relationship with children, parents and families. A relationship of faith. A relationship of growing community.

As we entered lockdown 10 weeks ago, the question of how I was to reach out in relationship to others at a time when we are not able to be together, brought new significance for me. I asked again: What is mine to do?’ What is God calling me to?

When I stopped trying to find God, God was there. ‘As long as I was searching, I was not listening, as long as my mind was grasping, my heart was not receiving’.

As we heard in the Corinthians reading, ‘The extravagant love of God’ was present in the words of the first mum I bumped in to after leaving home, but I chose not to listen. The amazing grace of the Master, Jesus Christ was there, within the people I met. In the mum and in Alison.

But more than this, ‘the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit’ described so powerfully in The Message translation of 2 Corinthians, was present in the space between us; in our relationship – what was created within us and between us in our encounter.

Everything God wished to reveal to me about what is mine to do was experienced in this walk – that I am to be alongside others, to listen, to accept, to welcome. For me, this is Trinity, Trinity in relationship, existing in community. But first of all, I had to show up, to be there. In the past nearly three years I have sought to reach out to those around me. To be willing to ‘be in the flow’. To allow my heart to receive.

In Hebrews chapter 13 we are reminded to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing so, some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. So may we be like Abraham and Sarah, welcoming strangers and in so doing, welcoming Christ in our midst.

Sharing in the nature of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is to live life in relationships with each other and with God. The Trinitarian God invites us to come and sit at their table. May we sit and eat.