What does our faith teach us about giving?

Christian giving is a way of life in response to God:

  • Giving is a constant reminder that all that we have comes from God, and that we are responsible to God for how we use it.
  • Giving is the key to contentment. What we possess can possess us.Giving is an act that sets us free from the need to acquire and accumulate.
  • Giving reflects the nature of God himself. God loved the world so much that he gave us Jesus. The nature of God is self-giving love, and we are called to reflect this, by giving joyfully and generously.
  • Giving is our investment in the church’s ministry. The local church is the place from which we can share God’s love in the community and beyond.
  • Giving is about living in trust and with thankfulness. The people of Israel had to trust God to provide for them in the wilderness. Somehow the wealthier people are, the more difficult they often find it to trust, and the more they take for granted what they have. Giving puts trust into practice and expresses thankfulness.

A church is not just for Christmas (or weddings, or funerals...) we're here all year! But we're entirely dependent on local support. Please help us be here for the community in the future. 

Links for more information:

Giving for Life: CofE advice leaflet

How to give:

One-off donations: 
You can give at church or send your gift to the PCC Treasurer at The Bakehouse, 1a Grantchester Road, Trumpington, CB2 9LH. Please make cheques payable to 'PCC Trumpington'.

Regular donations:
These help us to budget effectively. You can set up a Standing Order with your bank using this form (Click to download pdf).

Gift aid:
If you are a UK taxpayer, please consider gift-aiding your donation. Currently this makes a £100 donation worth £125 to the church. A form with more details is available here (Click to download pdf).